KYC Policy

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Know Your Customer” (KYC) is the process of identifying and verifying the identity of the customers. This process helps us to obtain the information about the identity and address of the customers. This process helps to ensure that our services are not misused.


MMT KYC Procedures:

Mangal Money Transfer adopts the follwong procedures for KYC/ICP purposes.

Identification and Verification:

Identification of a customer or a beneficial owner is simply being told by them who they are, or by coming to know their identifying details, such as their name and address.We corroborate the identification information provided by using the other authenticated measures of verification.

 We normally verify the identity of the customers before accpeting instrctions to act on their behalf. Although it is allowed that verification process can be completed during the establishment of business relationship only under the following circumstances.

1: Where this is necessary not to interrupt the normal course of business

2: There is little risk of money laundering or terrorist financing occuring.

However, we complete the verfication as soon as practicable after contact is first established.We do not accept money on account until verification has been completed.

We verify the proof of identification documents with the help of our online search provder e.g. Creditsafe UK.


The strategy skeleton of MANGAL MONEY TRANSFER is planned to direct the operations in order to guarantee the stream of just legitimate cash through the settlement channels. We intend to:



MANGAL MONEY TRANSFER will keep tabs on effectively profiling the client in the Remittance requisition shapes by acquiring and recording the accompanying proof of recognizable proof of identification:


  • Proof of identity : full UK driving licence , passport with valid visa, or any other photo ID issued by a Govt.
  • Proof of address : bank statement , water rates , utility bills , electricity or council tax bills and any evidence for address must be less than 3 months
  • Declaration form:In the case of larger transactions further evidence of permanent address and evidence of income is required with signing a declaration form.

All customers must comply with these requirements. MANGAL MONEY TRANSFER retains the right to refuse or accept a customer instruction and is under no obligation to enter into a transaction should it choose not to do so.



In situations where original documents can’t be provide on that case  , an ‘ face to face ‘  groundwork’s MANGAL MONEY TRANSFER will acknowledge Photo copy of ID. On the other hand, on account of Photo ID this must be ensured as ‘Seen and giving a correct resemblance’s by an either a legal counsellor, accountant, post expert, financier, instructor, specialist, pastor of religion or somebody of comparable status who might as well sign the duplicate and supply their own particular name and address and contact portions. Duplicates of confirmed records ought to be posted or email it. Fax duplicates are not acceptable.