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1.1 Mangal Money Transfer (The company) endeavours to deliver its work to the highest possible standards and welcomes and encourages feedback when it has not met expectations. Complaints that are raised are received by the company as useful feedback, and opportunities to learn and improve its work. 

1.2 This procedure is to cover complaints submitted by individuals about the company, in particular its services, activities, and standards. The complaint could be about action taken by the MMT, its lack of action, the standard of services provided by MMT, or general dissatisfaction about dealings with the company. 

1.3 The complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the following procedure. Any questions or disputes about the most appropriate procedure for dealing with a complaint will be determined by the director of V Send Limited T/A Mangal Money Transfer. 


2.1 Mangal Money Transfer will make every effort to deal promptly, efficiently and fairly with all complaints. However, it will not accept any complaints that, in the opinion of the director of the company, are frivolous, malicious or vexatious complaints. Anonymous complaints will also not be accepted unless the director of the company determines otherwise in their sole and absolute discretion. 

2.2 It is expected that all parties will act reasonably, fairly, courteously and in good faith towards each other and comply with the process set out in this procedure, all of which will be dealt with in confidence by all parties. Confidentiality is subject to the need to safeguard customers and ensure a full and fair investigation. If a member of staff has been complained about, they will be informed about the complaint, unless there are exceptional reasons not to do so. V send limited T/A Mangal Money Transfer is Limited Liability Company regulated by Financial Conduct Authority. 

Mangal Money Transfer – Complaints Procedure 

2.3 All complaints will be objectively investigated by a lead officer appointed by the director of the company. To facilitate effective investigations of complaints it is expected that matters will be raised with the company as soon as possible after the incident or matter complained about arises. For this reason, complaints about matters which occurred more than 3 months previously will not usually be accepted unless (in their sole and absolute discretion) the director of the company considers that there are exceptional circumstances for doing so. 

2.4 The company will aim to respond in writing to the complainant (at both stage 1, and stage 2 of this procedure) within ten (12) working days of the receipt of the complaint, or as soon as possible thereafter. In this procedure, a working day means a day on which the company is open for business. 2.5 The director of V Send Limited is responsible for ensuring that complaints are dealt with in accordance with the procedures set out in this document and that the time limits for responding to complaints are adhered to. 


3.1 The majority of complaints should be amicably resolved by the complainant contacting the compliance officer or staff member to discuss on a one-to-one basis. It is expected that all parties will have such discussions openly with a genuine desire to resolve the complaint at the earliest possible stage. 

3.2 Only if the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved through informal discussions shall the Stage 2 formal complaints procedure set out below be followed. 


4.1 Formal complaints must be sent in writing to the director of the company. The complaint must be made within three (3) months of the incident which has given rise to the complaint, or, if later within ten (10) working days of the completion of Stage 1 of this procedure. 

4.2 To be accepted as a formal complaint the complainant must provide:

 • Full contact details of the complainant. 

• Full details of the event or occurrence which gave rise to the complaint; and 

• Details of what the complainant feels would put things right. 

4.3 If the director of the company accepts the complaint as a formal complaint under this procedure, they will nominate an appropriate lead officer (the “Lead”) to investigate the complaint and report back to them. The conduct of the investigation will be determined by the Lead in consultation with the director of the company and may include (but is not required to include) the request of written statements from and/or meetings with relevant parties as necessary to establish the facts surrounding the complaint. The complainant shall fully cooperate with the investigation and shall promptly respond to all requests made of them by the Lead. 

4.4 The Lead shall aim to complete the investigation within twenty (20) working days of their appointment. In exceptional or complex cases, timescales may need to be extended; this will include circumstances where the complainant has not provided full information or full cooperation with the investigation. 

4.6 On completion of the investigation, the Lead shall report to the director of the company on the results of the investigation following which the director of the company shall (in the light of any appropriate advice received) determine what action is to be taken with regard to the complaint and shall inform the complainant “final response” in writing of: 

  •  their decision – which will be to either uphold or reject the complaint; 
  • the reasons for the decision. 
  • the appropriate remedy where the complaint is upheld; and 
  • information on the next steps available to the complainant (Complaint outcome) 

If you are not satisfied with the manner/outcome in which we have dealt with your complaint or the outcome, then you may refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR, Tel No 0800 0234 567.